Aix Unusual permanent


The original visit to discover, with humor and anecdotes, the heritage, secrets and history of Aix. Jean-Pierre Cassely, street storyteller guide lecturer, accompanies you on this walk. It allows you to play the past-walls and go back in time listening to the characters and anecdotes that have thrilled ""the most beautiful city in France... after Paris"" (*).

Did you know that Corpus Christi, abandoned since the Revolution, has given way to the divine voices of the Festival? Those of the two Teresas, those of Capecchi and Baquier, Don Giovanni for an evening, who did not know the hell of the commander, but the bravos of paradise.

He is keen to make you participate in the visit and several knowledge checks will also allow you to validate your knowledge... The quizzes of the maxims of Vauvenargues, the 13 desserts or the courtesans' flies are marked without complacency. .

And so, from streets to sometimes tragic, sometimes sulphurous anecdotes, from smiles to laughter, the journey concludes with a bibliography given to each participant which will allow them to stay in Aix next winter...

(*) Charles de Brosses said "the President of Brosses", Familiar Letters

➜ Guided walking tour
➜ Language: in French
➜ Duration: approximately 2 hours

Reservations with the stay advisors of the Aix-en-Provence Tourist Office or on the Aix-en-Provence Tourist Office website.