Top hiking spot

If there is a hiking paradise, the Sainte Baume massif is it. Many hiking trails exist, but the shortest way to access the crests of Sainte-Baume is from the inn still administered by the Dominican sisters and brothers. The first hiking trail with the Tourism and Handicap label in the Var is located at the foot of Sainte Baume.

A relict forest

Renowned and protected for several centuries, the forest of Sainte Baume is exceptional for the variety and quality of the species. Beech, oak and Scots pines are remarkable. The flora and fauna are particular because they are intermediate between the Mediterranean forest and the mid-mountain alpine forest. The view from the ridge allows you to observe the striking contrast between adret and shade.


They are numerous and start from the Paleolithic period. In Antiquity, barbaric rites were practiced there on altars erected in the forest. The flow of abundant blood reddened the moss. Our mother of the waters is her ancient name. Water is omnipresent in the massif, and this, because of the tears of Marie-Madeleine.