From playing cards to childhood memories in the hills of Garlaban, everyone knows the stories of Marcel Pagnol! The famous Provençal never ceases to mark the spirits 49 years after his disappearance. We have prepared a micro-journey for you in his footsteps. Go shoo!


Discover Marcel Pagnol's famous holiday village!

Strolling through the streets of the Treille district, you will discover the places that inspired Pagnol's stories and some of which were even used as sets for his films. It was La Treille that inspired him to the village of Bastides Blanches, the scene of the adventures of Jean de Florette, Ugolin and even Papet in his two novels L'eau des collines.

You can admire the Saint-Dominique church, and fine connoisseurs will recognize the forecourt that can be seen in the films La fille du Puisatier or Manon des Sources. Continuing your walk, you can refresh yourself at the famous fountain of Manon, from which springs water from the hills.

Finally, return to the childhood memories of little Marcel, with the discovery of the famous Bastide Neuve, the Pagnol family's holiday home at the gates of the Garlaban massif.

For the bravest, you can continue your walk with a hike on one of the many Garlaban trails.

Continue your journey in the footsteps of the artist at Château de la Buzine! The famous "Château de ma mère" opens its doors and its immense gardens to you for a visit as close as possible to Pagnol.

Slip into the shoes of the little family and stroll through the alleys of the Parc des 7 Collines, as when they crossed these gardens during their vacation trip.

The visit continues inside the building, with an immersive exhibition celebrating cinematographic art. A floor is also dedicated to Marcel Pagnol, retracing his most famous works.

Go to Aubagne, birthplace of the artist, to discover his birthplace. The apartment, now transformed into a museum, pays homage to the life and work of the famous Aubagnais.Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the family home thanks to the reconstruction of the period apartment decorated with the furniture of yesteryear.

It's a real immersion in the intimacy of Augustine, Joseph and Marcel! An exhibition space bringing together letters, photos and objects as well as a projection room showcase his cinematographic and literary works, where it all began.


The Little World of Marcel Pagnol is a heritage institution dear to the hearts of Aubagnais and Aubagnaises.

This universe of 200 figurines signed by the greatest clay artists in the Pays d'Aubagne and the Etoile, in homage to the literary and cinematographic creation of Marcel Pagnol, becomes a real living and playful museum, through the magic of new technologies.

Here it is entirely recreated and staged in the workshop of the great Thérèse Neveu, like the culmination of a journey of history and clay to the top of Vieil Aubagne.

Sounds, images, lights, reconstructions... modernity serves tradition to rediscover this exceptional heritage. utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=This+week-end%2C+resource+yourself+with+family+%21+%F0%9F%91%AA&utm_campaign=News+AGENDA+21%2F04%2F2023